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Specialized Self Storage supplier since 1997, we give you all the technical means for the construction of self storage project as a whole in its (entirety), from the simple unit of mobile storage to the Complete Self Storage building delivered as a « turnkey project ».

As a Self Storage Supplier, we offer access to a wide range of materials profiles for hallways and corridors. We can offer you many solutions to create the look, and the mood you want to achieve in your business. All our solutions will provide Quality, Flexibility and Security!

We provide all the necessary Self Storage solutions like : mini storage systems, lockers and mobile (portable) storage buildings. We are specialized in the production, supply and installation of Self Storage facilities components. You set your goal and we’ll do the rest.

We invite you to come and see for yourself, to explore our site and learn about the many advantages of working with Multi Storage Systems Solutions. We offer more than just doors, We offer solutions.



Each customer is central to any project. We provide all the services you need to make your project a success.

We are specialized in the production of all the Self Storage facilities components, ranging from roll-up doors to the hallway partitioning, mezzanine floors and the different locker solutions. Our commitment to our customers begins with the product design and extends after the installation with supporting each client to its success.

Multi Storage Systems components have less material, so they are quicker to install and more efficient to build, generating economies for our customers and us. We offer an exceptional customer service, a meticulous attention to detail, and innovative manufacturing processes are part of MSS.



Specialized Self Storage supplier since 1997, the purpose of Multi Storage Systems is to offer the best Self Storage industry product and customer service at European level.

With our 15 years of experience in the world of « Self Storage Business » next to the founder of Self Storage in Europe, Founder of the French Self Storage Association and being all these years in behalf of the Self Storage biggest companies in Europe, today we put our « know-how » available to you to make your « Self Storage project »!

To reach this goal, the world-leading manufacturer brings expertise in the manufacturing of Self Storage third generation doors and in an in-depth knowledge of the various markets of free storage. MSS Self Storage Supplier brings an international recognition with an extensive network of distribution points and a wide variety of building components. We operate across Europe. In one year we produce and install hundreds of kilometres of profiles for walls, hectares of floor coverings and thousands of doors for storage units.