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customers’ reviews

We have chosen Multi Storage Systems for the quality and the design of their products. We are very satisfied with the work they were able to accomplish !

Jos Collin Owner of Reserva Self Storage, Barcelona – Spain

We wanted a last generation site easy to use for our customers feel comfortable. We were very careful to details and the quality of the products used. MSS was able to provide us with all the necessary solutions in a single call instead of three. The experience of MSS immediately put us at ease, if they were able to build for Shuregard it’s sure they can do it for us !
Mr Ron Gerow Owner of Easystockage Nantes France

« We have done several projects with MSS over the past years range from swing doors, roll-up doors to mezzanine. We love their products and the service. They always have good ideas and solutions to our storage needs. »Vilis Vitols BOX Noliktavas Director, Latvia

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