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Why MSS ?

Timeliness. Our team of experts provides written proposals / quotation and shop drawings within five working days and our doors are delivered within two weeks. Our installation team takes between two and three weeks after the  » Good for agreement  » signature of the quotation.

Experienced staff. Multi Storage Systems brought together the leading industry professionals, many have over 15 years experience in the doors manufacturing industry. Ranging from estimators to sales staff, you will receive the best customer service available.

The Price. With MSS Self Storage, each door is made with the highest quality materials available and an unparalleled level of manufacturing. We have built strong relationships with suppliers, which allows us to remain competitive and offer the best possible price.

Adaptability. Since our product is a non-structural and self-supporting system, it is very adaptable to any structure.

Superior finish.MSS Self Storage Solutions is the only manufacturer currently offering third generation doors in Europe, the most reliable, offering sustainability on the market. Higher paint processes are standard features, not updated with MSS.

Professional Packaging. Doors are packed with padded spacers into shipping crates for maximum protection.

Security. All our products have been designed to offer maximum safety.

Ease of installation. Our products are supplied with pre-assembled components to save time and money. This is why self storage doors can be installed in less than three minutes !

Products that last. Our products must be resistant to wear, because their replacement is costly and time consuming. MSS Self Storage supplier offers products made of Grade 80 Steel, which strongly combats the bumps and damages you will find with other manufacturers.



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